What is _QU3ST?

_QU3ST is a game system designed Disabled adults.

Anyone and everyone can play, including children!

How does _QU3ST work?

Maintaining a space (home, workplace etc) is hard work.

...but what if it wasn't?

The _QU3ST System was engineered to create new (rewarding) pathways in the brain.

This game reduces stress, while helping to develop organization, communication, and mindfulness skills (to name a few!)

_QU3ST is accessible/inclusive for all players?

Not currently. It will take time to become fully inclusive, and that's our intention.

The Beginner's Manual is now screen-reader friendly, and we plan on creating an audio version as well.
In addition to this captioned video tutorials will be made, but we're not ready yet!

_QU3ST is being developed by a 2 person team (and with help from Patreon.)

In other words, thank you for your patience!

What do I need to play?

_QU3ST is a paper/pencil system, crafted for easy learning.

The only thing needed to play _QU3ST is the Beginner's Manual.

In time that manual will be released for free (here!)

You'll be giving your game away for free?


Can I use _QU3ST to practice other things besides cleaning?

Absolutely! Because the _QU3ST system is completely customizable, we encourage players to run with their imaginations.

You can use _QU3ST to do all kinds of things! You're the Captain!

When will _QU3ST be released?

We don't know!

We want to make the Beginner's Manual as user friendly as possible before releasing it.

This will take time and much testing! Furthermore, we aim to publish an "advanced manual"

of sorts that dives deeper into tips/strategies, game lore, and more!

Where can I follow/support _QU3ST?

Right here.

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