_QU3ST Dev Log

Hello World!


  • Posted a second promotional video to get more eyes on the game tester opportunity, thinking of making one more.

  • Updated the FAQ section!

  • Missing are Captain's ship names in the Hall of Fame, this requires correcting!

  • 16/30 Game Tester Seats are filled! Yay!

  • We have a limited edition (100) sticker in production! Ooh!

  • I should eat something. Let me go eat something.


  • 33 Captains are now 2 days into a one month test/game of _QU3ST!

  • Updated the FAQ section!

  • We have started experimenting with a _QU3ST podcast!

      • Three (experimental) episodes are on Patreon, but improvements are required for our recording setup.

  • April 30th we're hoping to receive all the feedback we need to produce a flawless _QU3ST (v6.0)!


  • New artwork!

  • Updating FAQ section (for promotional reasons!)

  • 9 days before our Test Fleet completes their one month mission!


  • Hall of Fame upgrade to "Hall of Legends."

    • Every last entry stylistically modified including ship names.

  • Basic Manual to renamed "Beginners Manual"

  • Advanced Manual rena*[[>CLASSIFIED<]]-*

  • Final reminder for Test Fleet feedback goes out May 11th

  • _QU3ST v6.0 incoming!


  • Updated Hall of Legends

    • Often I find myself struggling with my Invisible Disabilities. Low self esteem is a major challenge. That it took me so long to include myself (and Alex) in the Hall of Legends reflects this. But I'm proud of who we are, what we've done, and of course we should be in there. Of course!

  • Final(?) Patreon-Only _QU3ST Podcast airs

  • Though _QU3ST has become my preeminent passion, work will be temporarily frozen until the completion of the In a Word: Trans Pride Edition (Kickstarter)


  • Created Audio Log page for website, but hit a snag.

  • Attempt to upload our 1st podcast episode onto YouTube was unsuccessful

    • Apparently only verified accounts can upload videos longer than 15 minutes -_-

    • We are working to resolve this but it will take time.


  • ...Still haven't gotten around to fixing podcast, but goals.

  • In a Word: Trans Pride Edition Kickstarter going well(?)

  • Trimming down v5.0 Manual for Test Flight in July

      • Registration for July test flight now open!

      • Calling this group "Fire Squadron" because nobody has ever played in July before.